Saturday, 2 May 2009

SEGAtastic Monthly Round-up: April 2009

As part of a new feature, every month I will do a round-up of the previous month's news. I will take the best and most interesting articles and put them in a lovely list for you.

Here is the round-up for April 2009:
  • 01/04/09: "Koitoy" hoax console can play all your old Dreamcast games!
  • 01/04/09: The ever-popular "Tails ate the Master Emerald" theory
  • 05/04/09: Sega Rage Guy #1
  • 07/04/09: Sonic screensaver coming to mobile phones
  • 08/04/09: Yakuza's karaoke insanity
  • 09/04/09: Space Harrier being ported to Atari XE
  • 12/04/09: Sega Saturn bag
  • 13/04/09: Sonic Chronicles gets a new name
  • 15/04/09: Michael Jackson's arcade auction cancelled
  • 16/04/09: OutRun Online Arcade released (I purchased it yesterday!)
  • 18/04/09: Sonic and Knuckles 5 pirate game
  • 20/04/09: Sega among the top publishers of original games
  • 22/04/09: What Sega Saturn could have been
  • 23/04/09: Play new fighting games on your Mega Drive
  • 24/04/09: Child requests name change to "Sonic X"
  • 25/04/09: Sonic Unleashed downloadable content clues
  • 26/04/09: Sega Rage Guy #2
  • 27/04/09: Sega's virtual pet
  • 29/04/09: Sonic Unleashed swastikas removed
  • 30/04/09: Naruto spotted in recently announced Wacky World of Sports
April wasn't a very big month for Sega announcements, except for new games such as OutRun Online Arcade and Wacky World of Sports. There has been some other interesting bits of news, such as the "Koitoy" console hoax and IGN's "History of Sega" article, which revealed how the Saturn could have used hardware from its rival consoles.

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