Monday, 20 April 2009

Sega among the top publishers of original games

Famitsu have published the best-selling original games of 2008, with Sega among the top publishers. "Original game/IP" means a game that is not a sequel or part of a series.

Here is the list of Sega games in the Top 20:
  • #8: Valkyria Chronicles - Sold 141,589
  • #11: Seventh Dragon - Sold 108,570
  • #13: World Destruction - Sold 93,104
  • #17: 428 - Sold 64,188
Nintendo had three titles in the list, with Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Square Enix tying with Sega for top original games publisher.

Some upcoming Sega titles also made the Top 10 for most anticipated original games, as voted for by Famitsu readers. Bayonetta made #2, and Infinite Space made #7. It seems Sega's partnership with Platinum Games has been a massive success!

Famitsu call original games "rookie titles", a phrase that has consistently popped up in translations. Only now do I know what it means!

[Source: DS Hyper]

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