Thursday, 23 April 2009

Play Soul Blade and Tekken 2 on your Mega Drive

Over on Sega-16, there is a regular "Hacks and Homebrews" feature, with this edition focussing on pirate fighting games. Not fighting games literally pitting pirates against each other, but bootleg titles.

Some interesting pirate fighting games have been made over the years, including ports of Dragon Ball, King of Fighters '98 and Mortal Kombat: Mythologies. Perhaps the most intriguing of these big-name games to be ported onto the Mega Drive are Soul Blade and Tekken 2.

Soul Blade

Soul Blade is apparently extremely buggy, with character freezing and self-harm (!). The controls also don't work, which is a shame as the graphics are extremely good. The sprites are nice and big, and the backgrounds are very colourful.

VR Fighter vs. Taken 2

Tekken 2 is not a direct port of Namco's fighter, but a very weird "vs." game entitled VR Fighter vs. Taken 2. "VR Fighter" is referring to Virtua Fighter, although the sprites have not been ripped from the Mega Drive version of the game. Instead, all new sprites have been made for both games, which neither look like the actual characters nor animate very well. The pirate Tekken 3 port is actually a more accurate representation of Tekken 2!

Sega-16 recommend steering clear of these bootleg fighting games, except for one: Top Fighter 2000 Mk VIII. This game boasts an impressive roster, taking characters from Street Fighter, Art of Fighting and X-Men. Other characters include Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan. Indeed...

Anyway, go here to read the entire article.

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