Friday, 24 April 2009

Child asks Norwegian King's permission to change his name to Sonic X

Just to clarify the ambiguous headline, a 6-year-old named Christer sent a letter to the Norwegian King, Harald V, asking to change his (the child's) name to "Sonic X". Not that he thought "King Sonic X" would sound better, although that would be rather awesome.

Anyway, last year Christer wrote the letter requesting a name change, but his parents were reluctant to send it. A few months later, the letter was posted after Christer wondered why there had been no reply yet.

The King did actually reply to the letter, saying that he was, unfortunately, not old enough to change his name yet. Instead, he can request permission again in twelve years after he turns 18.

Christer told the press he was disappointed, and that the situation "was a bit bad". Sega responded by sending the boy lots of Sonic X merchandise. How thoughtful!

Why a child would want to be called "Sonic X" rather than just "Sonic" is beyond my comprehension. Good job he wasn't allowed the name change - I'm sure he'll think it's ridiculous by the time he's 18!

[Source: Gamezine]

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