Monday, 27 April 2009

Sega made a virtual pet?

I'm sure anyone who grew up in the '90s will remember virtual pets, or Tamagotchis. At the height of the craze, it seemed like every company was producing their own version, Sega included.

Around 2003 Sega Toys produced a virtual pet called "My Sapling", which involved raising a plant that could eventually turn into an animal. What makes it interesting is the fact that it had sensors that reacted to touch, music and light!

This completely spherical toy was aimed at the younger market, and, unlike regular virtual pets, could not die. Just a year after it was released, Bandai starting producing the new generation of Tamagotchis and the craze was reborn.

"My Sapling" certainly is an interesting find. Sega Toys have created some weird things over the years, including a mini karaoke machine and a portable jukebox. What's next? Hopefully a Sonic-themed virtual pet, where you must feed him chilli dogs and make sure he isn't killed by Robotnik. We'll just have to settle for the Sonic mobile screensaver for now.

[Source: Tamenagerie]

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