Wednesday, 1 April 2009

New Japanese console can play Dreamcast games

This is almost certainly an April Fools' joke, but it's interesting nonetheless. A new (previously unheard of) Japanese console, apparently announced at last year's Tokyo Games Show, will be able to play any game from the current generation of consoles. A future firmware update will allow the console, named the "Koitoy", to play games from older consoles such as the Dreamcast.

This "universal ISO player" is completely legal in Japan according to Akihabara News, as it is hardware rather than software. The console can play blu-rays and DVDs, as well as ISO files. Wow, this really does sound too good to be true...

So why would Sega, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo allow this? Plus, how would it play Wii games without the necessary controllers? It must magically convert all TVs into touch-screens to play DS games.

Strangely, the console hailed as "Japan's answer to the Zeebo" shares its name with a light-up fish toy. Adverts posted up around the Akihabara District suggest that the console, regardless of the fishy name, will be released soon.

Wow, I simply can't wait to play old Sega games on this console! I bet it'll be cheaper than all the consoles it can emulate as well!

[Source: Akihabara News]

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