Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sonic papercraft?

If you have nothing to do this Bank Holiday weekend, why not try your hand at some Sonic-themed papercraft?

Found on the official Japanese Sonic page, you have a choice of creating paper versions of Green Hill Zone and Tails' Tornado. They have an estimated assembly time of 5-6 hours, so they're sure to keep you busy!

Here are the poorly translated descriptions of them:
Green Hill Zone
This memorable zone was first seen on the original Mega Drive version of Sonic the Hedgehog, and was the very first stage.

Palm trees, jumps, monitors and rings make up this familiar Sonic world.

Some of the images are examples only. Put in any monitor or item to create your own world!

Debuting in Sonic Adventure, Tails pilots the Tornado which you can recreate in paper.

It can decorate the table, or you can try hanging it from the ceiling!

There is much attention to detail, so the difficulty level is high.

Paper is prone to kinking, so we recommend you use card.
These interesting kits were originally made for Sonic's 15th Anniversary in 2006. I wonder what we can expect for his 20th Anniversary in 2011?

Hint for Sega: 16-bit Sonic 4. You know everyone wants it...

[Source: Sonic Channel]

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