Thursday, 9 April 2009

Space Harrier being converted to Atari XE

This is actually quite old news, but Sega classic Space Harrier is being converted to the 8-bit range of Atari computers. Back in the late-'80s, UK software house Elite Systems had the rights to do home computer ports of the game, but unfortunately an Atari 8-bit version was never made.

First started in the early-'90s, programmer Chris Hutt revived his project in 2002 with a release of the first level of his Space Harrier port. It is still in the process of being made, with stages 6 and 7 being completed in February after a year's absence.

Once finished (there are still eleven levels to program), the game will be released on cartridge. The Atari 8-bit range will then finally have Space Harrier after over two decades of waiting!

The port is looking excellent so far, with nice scrolling, great music and even speech! I would love to play this on my Atari XEGS, the console version of the 8-bit computers.

It's always good to see games being ported to systems that didn't originally have the game. My attempts to port Nintendo's Solar Striker to the Commodore 64 have failed so far, with only the graphics being made. Useless SEUCK!

You can follow the game's progress here. For ZX Spectrum ports of Sega games, see here.

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