Friday, 20 March 2009

Could Wolfenstein 3D be ported to Mega CD?

You may know that Wolfenstein 3D is currently being ported to the 32X by programmer "Chilly Willy". This has currently moved out of alpha stages into beta, and now features sound, an auto-map and saving. Music looks like the next thing to be implemented.

But what is going to happen after this is finished? Well, you may also know that he mentioned re-porting Doom to the 32X, which is now definite. But before that he is going to work on a Mega CD 32X version, and perhaps even a stand-alone Mega CD port!

Here's what Chilly has said over on the Sega-16 forums: "I am working towards the CD[/32X] version now, so that should help folks who have picked up a CD unit. Once I get that going, I will be looking into a new version of Doom 32X. Wolfenstein 3D is mainly my learning project for figuring out how to make homebrew for the 32X and CD".

Another poster asked Chilly Willy about the prospect of a Mega CD version, to which he replied, "I might take a stab at a plain SEGA CD version some time in the future, but not right away. The Sega CD could handle it, but I'd need to do more work on the graphics: process the textures and sprites to use 16 colors and separate palettes. It would also not be in the same resolution. Instead of 320x200 like the 32X version is, I'd probably run the VDP in 256x224 mode and make the game screen 200x160".

Hopefully he will eventually do a Mega CD version. If the Mega Drive could handle it, then the Mega CD certainly could. But let's wait for the final 32X version to come out before then - keep it up!

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