Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Is Doom to be re-ported to 32X?

Amid all the news about Wolfenstein finally being ported to Sega's Mega Drive add-on the 32X, the creator says that he would also like to re-port Doom. The console did get a rather rushed port in 1995, done so to get it out before Christmas, but lost some levels and overall sheen in the process. It was widely criticised for having less levels and worse music than even the SNES version.

"Chilly Willy", the converter of Wolfenstein, says that he's "one of those who would love a better Doom conversion" after it was suggested he take on the task after his current project. He says that once Wolfenstein is complete, he'll "probably do some experimenting on that [Doom]".

Wolfenstein may be extended to a Mega-CD 32X version once the cart version is complete. This may also apply to Doom so that it can have CD-quality music. It's all beginning to sound like 1995 again!

The completed games may even be sold on cartridge, although this may pose legal problems. I hope they do get a physical release, but I'll have to get a 32X before I can play them!

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