Thursday, 19 March 2009

Weekly Famitsu: Volume 1059 (03/04/09)

Why am I reporting on Famitsu today, a Thursday? That is because, underwhelmingly, it is all ready Friday in Japan. When people say Japan is in the future, it is actually true. However this week Famitsu have decided to say it's April 3rd again, as it was with last week's issue.

Anyway, this week's cover features Necky in Konami's Power Pro Baseball Next. This series has a long history with Famitsu, as it has featured on the cover many times over the years.

There is continued coverage of Yakuza 3, which has not been out of Famitsu for weeks! In the Enterbrain Chart it was #1 last week, but this week it has dropped down to #5.

Sega's RPG Seventh Dragon seems to be doing well, debuting at #2 and selling 81,536 copies in its first week.

Continuing the Yakuza 3 obsession, Famitsu have made some t-shirts of the game (is that all people do now?) as part of their "Game T-Shirt Project". Cue edgy-looking youths staring at the floor whilst wearing them!

Apparently, details of how you can get hold of one of these Uniqlo t-shirts will be given next issue.

More Famitsu news next week. See Volume 1058 here.

[Source: Famitsu]

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