Saturday, 21 March 2009

Famitsu's Yakuza 3 t-shirts in detail

Yesterday I reported on Famitsu's latest addition to their "Game T-Shirt Project", Yakuza 3. Now you can see those t-shirts in detail, sans edgy-looking youths!

The first design is entitled "Deadly Majima", and costs ¥4,500. The front features Goro Majima himself, with some sort of fencing in front of him. The back has a small snake, Majima's emblem.

The next one is called "mM-Garage Pinstripe", and is completely unrelated to Media Molecule. This one also costs ¥4,500, and features some nonsensical Engrish: "Trust! A man of strong faith!". The back has a nice tribal design in red and blue.

The final t-shirt in the collection is called "Who Capped Him?", with those very words emblazoned on the front. This is the cheapest one, costing ¥3,500.

Previous games in the project include Sega's perfect-40 game 428, which had some rather nice designs. Hopefully future Sega games will feature on Famitsu's t-shirts!

See larger photos of the t-shirts by clicking the links above. The blog format severely limits image wideness!

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