Sunday, 15 February 2009

Wolfenstein 3D was in development for the Mega Drive

Eat it!

As you may know, Wolfenstein 3D is currently being ported to the 32X. Something you may not know is that the game was in development for the Mega Drive, but never saw release.

On the ASSEMblergames forum, some scans surfaced that showed the Mega Drive version was indeed in development, and would contain everything the PC version had (including blood). The unknown magazine also said that the game would be around 10-16 Megs in size, and was being developed by Imagineer, the same company behind the SNES port.

A preview of the game said that Wolfenstein was to be released in November 1994, although this never happened. There has been no explanation for the game's cancellation - it can't have been because the game was technically impossible, as other first-person shooters had been released on the Mega Drive before.

No rom of the game has ever been found, and only three screenshots exist of the game. Maybe after Wolfenstein is released on the 32X, a stripped-down Mega Drive version could be attempted. Even better would be the original prototype being found.

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