Tuesday, 16 June 2009

More Sonic 18th Birthday tat

Last week I reported how Sega Japan are giving away prizes in celebration of Sonic's 18th Birthday. Well, the competition is still open, but you can also download some free stuff for your phone!

Birthday-themed wallpaper is available for download, which unfortunately has a large watermark on. You'll have to go on the WAP site to download them properly, where I would personally opt for Sonic holding the doughnut cake with Iced Gems around it.

Perhaps not in celebration of Sonic's birthday on Tuesday, but still good anyway, is this newly-released Sonic raincoat. The coat has a nice varsity-style Sonic print on it, front and back. It will cost you ¥4,935 (about £30), which is actually quite good in comparison to the outrageously-priced Enterbrain Sega products.

Other items available, which are made by Cospa, include a "Stay Sonic" t-shirt (¥3,045/£20), those indie cushions (¥2,625/£16.55) and bandanas (¥1,260/£8) I mentioned a few months ago, a reversible Sonic/Werehog top (¥4,200/£26), and various other Sonic t-shirts for ¥3,045 each.

If only I lived in Japan - the amount of Sega-themed tat I would own!

[Source: Sonic Channel]

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Hairyman said...

You'd be suprised at how little Sonic stuff there is in Japan. You have to really search hard in specialist stores to find what you're after. When I was there a few months ago, the best haul we had was in a retro gaming store called Super Potato. We found some bits in the SEGA Joypolis (not much though) and the Cospa shop is a bloody nightmare to find! It's very small aswell, no bigger than a living room.