Thursday, 11 June 2009

Sega Japan giving away prizes for Sonic's 18th Birthday!

On June 23rd, Sonic will be celebrating his 18th Birthday. To mark this occasion, Sega Japan are giving away prizes to 300 lucky people.

To be in with a chance of winning, you must sign up to the "PuyoPuyo!Sega" mobile site and complete a quiz. 200 people with all the correct answers will win a Sonic mobile charm, and another 100 will win a Sonic hand towel. The designs are in the style of Sonic's concept drawings.

Of course, these rules have been translated and so may be incorrect. It is also impossible to access the site at the moment (it may be mobile only), so you cannot enter yet! Not that you could anyway, as the competition is limited to Japan residents only.

Both prizes look absolutely delicious - the mobile charm doubles as a screen cleaner, and I suppose you could use the towel for the same purpose. If you're weird.

In other news, Uniqlo have just released some more Sonic t-shirts. The latest designs feature Sonic circa 1999, with only his gloves and socks visible. Many other Sega-related t-shirts can be bought as well off the website.

[Source: Sonic Channel]

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