Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Master Systems do not make good Tap boxes

Picos aren't much good either.

Sega of America employees have been competing in a Let's Tap Tap-Off, each using a specialist "box" of their choice. Let's Tap requires the Wii remote to be placed on tappable surface in order to pick up the vibrations which control the game.

Choices of weapon included an Xbox 360, a NiGHTS magazine cover, a PS3 box and a Wii box. By far the best (yet least effective) boxes were the Sega Pico box and the Master System.

Whilst the Pico box faired okay, the Master System proved unsuccessful. Here's what the Tapper said:
"Let me just say that this was a mistake. I completely failed the third round because the poor Master System wasn't picking up the vibrations, and I didn't have the heart to hit it hard.

Don't try this one at home, folks."
In future just stick to cardboard. Take it from Sega: don't risk destroying your beautiful old consoles!

[Source: Sega of America Flickr]

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