Friday, 27 March 2009

Indie Sonic cushion insanity

Yes, yet more Sega merchandise. This time it's a delightful indie-style Sonic cushion, found on Sega's "Sonic Channel" blog.


It looks like that hideous indie-bordering-on-emo style has transferred to Japan. Cue random distressed Converse prints with overlaid rainbows! This cushion doesn't go that far, although someone clearly went overboard on a free-font website. They also went overboard on the price - £19 for a cushion?

Is this the back of the other cushion or a completely different one?

Also available is a bandana, which has the same design as the cushion and is 53cm by 53cm. I really don't get indie graphics - what's with the tapes, lightning bolts and speakers? And what exactly is the significance of the comic-book explosion and lorry? Whatever the explanation, this mish-mash of weirdness can be yours for about £9.

Another batch of Sega merchandise to go on the DO WANT list.

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