Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Sega acknowledges existence of Sega Vision!

Sega's obscure media device, the Sega Vision, has had little or no official confirmation since it was first discovered back in October. Even its appearance at this year's ATEI left us with few answers.

This was enough to arouse speculation that the portable media player would never be released, or that some parts of Sega were unaware that the thing even existed.

But now, thanks to the wonders of Twitter, we know that Sega is aware of its own hardware's existence. Here is what they said, in response to a user question about the Sega Vision:
"The SEGA Vision? Sega Nerds can tell you all about that - they had a hands on a while back..."
Perhaps the Sega Vision is so neglected because it was only ever meant to be low-key? People in the Sega community have reported seeing them in various UFO Catchers around the UK, but they are still unavailable to buy directly.

The Sega Vision is supposed to be released this year, with a price tag of £70-£90. This seems expensive based on the system's poor game-playing capabilities, when fully-fledged handheld games consoles only cost slightly more. New, cheaper and more powerful PMPs have since come on the market, such as the Dingoo A320.

It now seems likely that the Sega Vision will remain in obscurity, only available through Sega Amusements arcade machines. It really wasn't the Game Gear 2 we were hoping for...

[Source: Sega's Twitter]

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