Wednesday, 4 February 2009

New Sega Vision info emerges

One lucky reporter over at Sega Nerds has actually gone to this year's ATEI, and has found out more information on Sega's portable media device the Sega Vision.

Unfortunately the Sega Vision will not be able to play games yet. The current model can play simple flash games, although the retail version has this feature cut out. Sega Europe have said that they do not want the games to look like a failed attempt to rival other handhelds, instead waiting until newer models with better specifications are released in the future.

The unit is slightly bigger than a credit card, and is extremely light. It has 2GB of memory and an SD card slot. There is no definite word on battery life, but apparently it can last for an entire film. The TV and radio functions are analogue, which is slightly useless in the UK as these signals are being switched off over the next few years. Sega have said future models will have digital capabilities.

Future models may even have a touch screen, which, along with better games, could bring it on par with the iPhone. Obviously it won't be able to make calls, but who uses the iPhone as an actual phone anyway?

The Sega Vision is being released this year at an estimated price of £70 - £90, with the £49.98 price being trade only. Hopefully we will have more information soon!

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