Thursday, 7 May 2009

Sonic cameos in Jazz Jackrabbit

This is probably ancient news in the Sonic community, dating back to 1994, but I'll post it to inform those who did not know about this. I discovered it for myself today when I bought the game!

Back in the days when furry platformers were the number one genre, it was hard to escape comparisons with Sonic the Hedgehog. Jazz Jackrabbit for the PC was one of these games, despite managing to set itself apart from the rest and amass a cult following.

It seems Epic, the developers of the game, were fully aware of this - the hedgehog himself makes a cameo in the game's instruction book! Referring to the fact that he carries a gun, unlike most other furry mascots, Jazz complains that in video games enemies only need to be jumped on to be disposed of.

As you can see, a disgruntled Sonic is standing behind him requesting his lawyers. On the back of the box, PC Format says "on a console a game like this would undoubtedly have a name like Sonic the Hedgehog". Call Sonic's lawyers indeed!

I doubt anyone could get away with this now, which is a shame. It's also a shame that furry platformers, one of my favourite genres, seemed to die with the 1990s. They certainly deserve a revival in my opinion.

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