Tuesday, 28 April 2009

UK Charts: Week Ending 25/04/09

Much to my amazement, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games is not in the Top 5 this week. It has dropped seven places to #11, narrowly missing the Top 10. That's one less ancient game in the top sellers; others include Wii Play and Carnival: Funfair Games.

Mega Drive Ultimate Collection has made a massive leap up the charts, climbing ten places to #15. Football Manager 2009 has made an even bigger leap, climbing twelve places to #26.

Sonic Unleashed is not doing so well, falling four places to the edge of doom at #40. This is the lowest charting Sega game this week, and will probably follow Sonic and the Black Knight to the chart afterlife very soon.

More charts next week. See last week's here.

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