Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Sega Europe's "Cupboard of Awesome"

Yes, it's time to journey to that "rather more British-sounding" Cupboard of Awesome (Gawd bless ya SEGAtastic).

The Sega Europe blog has started their series of finds from their "Cupboard of Awesome", in response to Sega of America's "Awesome Box". ArchangelUK said that the stuff in their cupboard was not as wondrous as in the box, but I beg to differ!

Take a look at these amazingly shiny Sonic 10th Anniversary coins. Aren't they ace? I would love some of these - they look so much better than the UK's new "shield" coins. We should just use Sega promotional currency instead.

If I were to take those photos I would use my star filter to make them look extra-shiny! So shiny in fact, that just by looking at the photos you would go blind. Seriously.

Other items found were some scary Bleach teddies, and a Bleach DS stylus. "Bleach" as in the anime and Sega game, not the household chemical stuff.

There were also some Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games pin badges, and some Sega keyrings. The worst item of all was a promotional copy of PSP game Ghost Rider. Blech.

I can't wait to see what other random filth is uncovered this week! Check back tomorrow.

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