Saturday, 4 April 2009

Sega Europe responds to the Awesome Box

Sega Europe have decided to do their own version of Sega of America's Awesome Box, with a rather more British-sounding name - the Cupboard of Awesome.

ArchangelUK of Sega Europe's blog has been rifling through the marketing cupboard, unearthing some out-of-date Haribo and "a few items that will interest you". Exciting!

You can expect to see what they found in the Cupboard of Awesome from next Monday, right after the Awesome Box week has finished.

Speaking of which, here's today's heap of Sega-branded nonsense! First up is probably one of my favourite pieces of tat so far. It's a Phantasy Star Online bouncy ball! Not only does it bounce, but it lights up too. Lovely.

I honestly want one.

Next is this rather strange Shinobi silk scarf, presented in a lockable wooden box. Presumably this is so you can hide it from your friends when they come round.

Other random items include a tiny Sonic toy and some novelty Sonic gloves. Yes, Sonic's gloves actually say "Sonic the Hedgehog" on them so that he doesn't lose them.

Also included in the box today was a limited edition Shenmue instruction book, a 10th Anniversary Sonic soundtrack CD and an original Samba de Amigo maraca.

Tomorrow is most likely the last day of the Awesome Box, but from Monday we will have the Cupboard of Awesome. Joy!

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DannyCosta said...

Hey, grats on Segatastic :)

Just wanted to invite you to Sega Neptune, a new blog 100% devoted to Sega.

Hope to see you there!