Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Cupboard of Awesome: Day 2

Unfortunately, today's Cupboard of Awesome is not as awesome as yesterday. Partly because there are no shiny objects or scary teddies.

Anyway, the first item today is a Let's Tap soundtrack CD. CDs seems to be a staple in merchandising, as demonstrated here. The cover has a penguin on it, reflecting the fact that Let's Tap is so simple that even a penguin could play it.

Sega say they will give these away when the game is released in Europe. Yay?

Technically we could sue Yuji Naka as there is no proof that penguins can actually play Let's Tap. If that was your reason for buying the game, then demand your money back. Or at least a free copy of the next game in the series, Let's Waggle.

The next item is a CD from musician Bentley Jones, real name Lee Brotherton. Some of his music featured on the so-good-they-restarted-the-numbering Sonic the Hedgehog. Yes, the 2006 version.

More tat tomorrow!

[Source: Sega Europe]

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