Tuesday, 7 April 2009

UK Charts: Week Ending 04/04/09

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games has managed to claw its way back to its usual home of the Top Ten this week. Yes, it is now at #9, rising seven places from last week. There's just no stopping it!

Mega Drive Ultimate Collection hasn't done as well this week, falling four places to #24. Amazingly, Sonic Unleashed has made a return to the UK chart, entering in at #37. We last saw the game back in February, so perhaps lower prices have caused more people to buy it.

Sitting underneath Sonic Unleashed is Sonic and the Black Knight, falling nine places to #38. Football Manager 2009 is the last Sega game in the chart this week, falling two places to #40.

It's certainly weird that some of Sega's best releases last month, House of the Dead: Overkill and MadWorld, are nowhere to be seen in the charts. People would rather play games from 2007 about last year's Olympics!

More charts next week. See last week's here.

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