Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Sonic's latest guise

Not content with being a Freedom Fighter, a hoverboard rider, a knight or a kart racer, Sonic has decided to try something new. In fact, it was his first job, before Robotnik even started imprisoning woodland creatures in robots.

Yes, Sonic has gone back to being a business card holder. Available off Enterbrain's Sega Store, you can purchase this delightful holder featuring early design sketches of Sonic. He is in a variety of different poses, and comes with various shades of note paper.

The holders are apparently hand-painted, and cost ¥1,260, about £8.83 (!). This is just one piece of random merchandise you can buy off the Sega Store, although this rates low on the insanity scale.

Other items available include soundtracks from System-16 games up to more recent ones (Sonic has quite a discography), models of game characters and game anniversary box-sets. You can even buy a t-shirt with every piece of Sega hardware on!

I'm sure you'll be delighted/frightened at the prospect of more regular Sega merchandise posts. Why not look at some previous examples from last week?

As for the card holder, I think I'll keep my ten-pound note.

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