Saturday, 21 March 2009

Look at this amazing Mega Drive top!

Carrying on the theme of gaming apparel, here is an amazing Mega Drive top being offered by Enterbrain. In the style of a football shirt, the front features a giant "16" with "Bit" on the back. The arms say "16" with "Mega Drive" underneath.

Also on the back is the phrase "SPEED SHOCK! VISUAL SHOCK! SOUND SHOCK!", with "The Sega T-Shirt System" underneath in the Master System font. Delicious!

This shiny gold and black shirt will cost you ¥6,640, which works out at a whopping £47.75! And that's even through a special offer from Famitsu's gift card service, whereby promotional codes are printed in the magazine each month.

You're better off attempting to make this yourself with a blank t-shirt and a iron. Good luck!

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