Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Edge's "100 Best Games to Play Today"

Here's another "Top Videogames" list, just in case you missed the recent one from Guinness World Records. Instead of being about the most influential games, Edge have decided to compile a list of the games most playable today, dubbed the "100 Best Games to Play Today".

Everyone knows you can't compile a list of top videogames without Sega (or Ocarina of Time/Super Mario 64, #1 and #2 respectively...), so here's their presence in this list:
  • #95: Football Manager 2009
  • #71: OutRun 2006: Coast to Coast
  • #70: Daytona USA
  • #64: Puyo Pop Fever
  • #49: Rez HD
  • #44: Jet Set Radio Future
  • #39: Super Monkey Ball
  • #26: Medieval II: Total War
  • #24: Virtua Fighter 5
Wait... what? No Sonic? Your eyes aren't deceiving you, there really are no Sonic titles in this list of the most playable games ever. Edge say they asked themselves "if you had every game ever made at your fingertips,‭ ‬which would we play right now‭? ‬What are the games,‭ ‬shorn of nostalgia and presumption that we would actually want to spend time playing?". I don't think they did!

Oh well, it's only a list. We all have our own opinions, and this is Edge's. My list of most playable games would be completely different, and I'm sure (if you are reading this blog) yours would too!


Krigo said...

Mine would be very different, and my top game would probably be Phantasy Star Online. Even though it's ageing all of the time, it's still damn well playable and fun online.

Pricey said...

My list probably wouldn't even include the Sega games on theirs. I would have most of the old Sonic games, some Streets of Rage... basically nothing from this century!

Anyway, I'm glad you found the blog. I could do with some life on here!