Tuesday, 10 March 2009

UK Charts: Week Ending 07/03/09

It's a good week in the charts for Sega, as they have clinched the number one spot with Empire: Total War. The real-time strategy game was released last week after a long delay spent "polishing" the game.

Mega Drive Ultimate Collection is still doing well, finishing just outside the Top 10 this week at #11. Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games has fallen one place to #17, and will probably still be in the charts when the sequel is released next year.

Football Manager 2009 has also fallen one place to #27, and House of the Dead: Overkill has dropped eight places to #32.

That means that Sonic Unleashed has dropped out of the Top 40, having hung around the bottom few places for a number of weeks. That's hilarious considering Mario and Sonic is still in the charts, despite being released over a year before it! I don't even think it's left the Top 20, suggesting families have bought a copy for each child. Yes.

More charts next week. See last week's here.

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