Friday, 23 January 2009

Pole's Big Adventure website open!

The recently revealed game Pole's Big Adventure has now got its own website, and this time it isn't a countdown timer! The website is nice and colourful, but it's almost impossible to navigate without any knowledge of Japanese.

A trailer for the game has been found on a Japanese video site, accessed here. The game looks very promising, although it has some very obvious Mario references.

It turns out that the main character is not a fireman, but a sheriff. The aim of the game is to save "Sharon" from the evil "Poacher" using your gun. The enemies in the game seem to be humans wearing animal heads, such as those of mooses and crocodiles. It has a release date of February 3rd in Japan.

I really hope they release the game in the West, although on multiple platforms. I would love to be able to get this on the PlayStation Network!

[Sources: Sega Nerds and TSSZ News]

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