Thursday, 22 January 2009

Let's look at Takao Miyoshi's latest game

I'm sure many of you will have read about the countdown site for the latest Miyoshi game. Well, yesterday it was finally revealed: Pole's Big Adventure!

It uses 8-bit graphics, intended to mock games released on the NES. Lots of inside jokes will be present on each level, such as the end-of-level castles on Super Mario Bros. and Bowser-esque bosses.

As for the name, I think the main character is meant to be a fireman. And firestations have poles! It all makes sense. Perhaps he will slide down a pole at the end of each level, like Mario's flagpole.

The title is set for release on WiiWare in Japan for 500 Wii Points. Due to the "themes", it will get a 12+ rating. There has been no word of a wordlwide release as of yet.

P.S. The screenshots are from a scan of Famitsu, with the most confusing thing on the page being scoop hunter Necky the Fox here:

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