Friday, 3 April 2009

Awesome Box CD overload

We've all ready had a House of the Dead: Overkill tape, but the soundtracks seem to continue coming from Sega of America's Awesome Box. Today we have two CDs, a step up in technology from the aforementioned tape.

The first CD is for the Saturn game Mr. Bones. I have never actually heard of this game, but it is apparently about a resurrected Blues musician with the soundtrack being composed by legendary guitarist Ronnie Montrose. Never heard of him either.

The next CD is one that is more appealing to my tastes. It is a soundtrack CD of various classic Sega games, entitled "Power Cuts 1". Games include Vectorman, Sonic CD (North American version) and Ecco the Dolphin. Nice.

More Sega tat tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I wonder which Sonic CD soundtrack it is. And Mr. Bones is scary.

Pricey said...

It's definitely the North American version of Sonic CD - the composer is listed as Spencer Nilsen.

And yes, Mr. Bones is scary. Mid-'90s CG scary!