Thursday, 2 April 2009

Awesome Box awesomeness continues

Another day, another set of Sega merchandise from the Awesome Box. Today we have three more items, fresh from Sega of America's Flickr.

T-shirt or long-sleeved t-shirt? YOU DECIDE!

The first item is this Sonic t-shirt, which has a dismembered Sonic head on the front. I can't actually tell if this is a t-shirt or not - it looks like it's got long sleeves. THE UNCERTAINTY!

The next item is another t-shirt, this time for the Saturn classic Panzer Dragoon. I only posted the picture of the back because it was more interesting than the front.

The final item today is a pewter figurine of the Solo Wing from Panzer Dragoon. It looks slightly more tasteful than those enormous dragon figurines found inside tat catalogues and charity shops.

More Sega merchandise tomorrow!

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