Wednesday, 1 April 2009

More "Awesome Box" goodness

Sega of America have revealed more deliciousness from the depths of the Awesome Box. Three lovely items await Sega fans today, rather than yesterday's one.

The first item is this House of the Dead: Overkill soundtrack tape, complete with inlay and label. I don't think this glorious C90 will be for sale, as the album is listed as a "Fan Soundtrack". What a shame, as the tape is my favourite audio format - I only converted to CD and MP3 in 2004. Yes, that late.

The next item is a Crazy Taxi 3 lunchbox, presumably to put in your Dreamcast bag. According to Sega, "all the cool kids have them". They do indeed.

The final item from the Awesome Box today is this Jet Set Radio Future t-shirt. In a futuristic camo-cyber green, this t-shirt probably won't fit you as it is an extra-small women's one. Apparently, human sizes were made back in 2002, but were unavailable for the Awesome Box.

That concludes today's merchandise overload. Expect more from Sega of America tomorrow!

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