Friday, 13 March 2009

Weekly Famitsu: Volume 1058 (03/04/09)

No illustrated Necky cover this week unfortunately, as it is the turn of some random Japanese model/celebrity to take his place! You'll just have to settle with the cover of Famitsu iPhone Issue 1. I'm sure they'll be reviewing Sonic 1 for the iPhone when it is released this spring, and any subsequent re-re-re-releases of old Sega games.

Famitsu continue their obsession with Yakuza 3, providing further hints and tips. This week they tell us about the next chapter of the game as well as a new method of attack. The game has stayed atop the Enterbrain Charts, which entered straight in at #1 two weeks ago.

Shining Force Feather has fallen from #4 to #20. Perhaps I should report on the Enterbrain Charts as well as the UK Charts, although it would be quite uneventful - Sega is nowhere near as popular in Japan as it is in Europe.

There is also a feature on the games industry, with insights into the making of Yakuza 3 and Seventh Dragon. Apparently the producer of Yakuza 3 has similarities with its main character; either that or the translation is telling lies...

More Famitsu news next week. See Volume 1057 here.

[Source: Famitsu]

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