Tuesday, 17 March 2009

UK Charts: Week Ending 14/03/09

Empire: Total War, which was last week's #1, has dropped down to #8. This is probably due to the much-anticipated return of Resident Evil, predictably up there at #1. This hasn't stopped people buying Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games though, which has shot up seven places from #17 to #10.

Mega Drive Ultimate Collection is starting to slip down the charts, falling eight places down to #19. House of the Dead: Overkill has risen four places to #28, due to its recent "world record", perhaps?

Sonic and the Black Knight is a new entry this week, charting in at #30. I expect this to rise as the weeks go on, or go where Sonic Unleashed did. Football Manager 2009 stays in its usual position at the lower end of the charts, falling seven places to #34.

No sign of a return for Sonic Unleashed, which dropped out of the chart last week. Oh well.

More charts next week. See last week's here.

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