Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Which game had the best graphics on a Sega console?

Another day, another list from IGN! Today, they are finding out which games had the best graphics on each console, including the Saturn and Dreamcast.

The awards are split up into categories, including "Technical Excellence" and "Worst Visuals". Let's get to the awards!

  • Most Memorable Graphical Jump: NiGHTS into Dreams "a defining moment on Saturn... [it gave you] the feeling of being in immense space".
  • Technical Excellence: Virtua Fighter 2 "very close to arcade perfect and the technical highlight of the Saturn era".
  • Creative Vision: Panzer Dragoon "it was really the art direction that made it such a standout".
  • Worst Visuals: Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game "poorly digitised, poorly animated frames of the actors from the absolutely awful film... Fail".
  • Most Memorable Graphical Jump: Shenmue "a big step forward".
  • Technical Excellence: SoulCalibur "was so far visually beyond every other fighting game (and its own arcade progenitor) when it came out on Dreamcast that it was almost laughable".
  • Creative Vision: Jet Set Radio "it was pure style and pure attitude... effortlessly cool visuals".
  • Worst Visuals: South Park Rally "this game takes the word 'bland' to a whole new level. Soulless".
So there you have it. I would probably agree with most of that list, although I would give special mention to the Sonic Adventure series and Hydro Thunder on the Dreamcast. These games may not have had the most detailed graphics, but their intense colour and smoothness really made them stand out at the time. The same can be said for many other Dreamcast games.

As for Saturn games, I don't really know - I haven't played very many with outstanding graphics. The Virtua series and Sega Sports series had good graphics, though.

See more pictures of the games in question via the links above.

[Source: IGN]

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