Monday, 9 March 2009

Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars released on Virtual Console

1988 Sega Master System game Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars has been released on the Virtual Console in North America. It retails for 500 Wii Points, with no word of a European release yet.

This is usually seen as the last "good" Alex Kidd game, and signals the start of the series' decline. The gameplay consists of collecting each of the twelve zodiac signs, hidden in six levels.

The Games Machine gave the game 72% in October 1988, citing "major sprite glitches" and the difficulty as the worst points. However, they said the graphics were "well-defined" and the music and effects provided a "quality soundtrack".

It looks like this game is worth getting, but earlier Alex Kidd games should be tried first. As always, I prefer the real thing to emulated versions!

P.S. I received an Amiga 600 today, meaning I can play all those delicious games I bought for a measly £2. Now all I need are some Sega arcade conversions!

[Source: Virtual Console Reviews]

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