Thursday, 12 March 2009

Sega Superstars Tennis "worst game ever"

Review site Reevoo has released a list of the ten worst games ever, based on over 8,000 customer opinions. Sega Superstars Tennis came out at number one, being labelled the "worst game ever".

Some reviews on the site stated that the game was "poor" and uncontrollable with a Wii remote, with one person saying "I only played it once, [and now] it's in a drawer somewhere...".

Averages on Metacritic for the game are around the 70 mark, with the highest review being 90%. These scores don't seem to be that of the supposed "worst game ever", do they?

Amazingly, games such as High School Musical and Imagine Babies were reviewed higher, despite terrible press reviews. Other more highly-rated games in the list were Assassin's Creed and Mario Party.

This is yet another "Top Ten" to ignore!

[Source: PC World]

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