Thursday, 12 March 2009

9% of Japanese console owners still play Sega

In a survey conducted by RealWorld RealResearch, it was found that 9.3% of the those polled still played a Sega console. Nearly 68% of these Japanese console owners had not gone next-gen, instead relying on their old models.

When asked "which older consoles do you still play with?", 4.4% replied with Sega Saturn, 3.5% with Dreamcast and 1.4% with Mega Drive. Unsurprisingly, almost 56% of people still played old Sony consoles and nearly 42% played old Nintendo consoles.

I was surprised that the Saturn was more popular than the Dreamcast in the poll, as the Dreamcast is more recent and is still supported. I for one still play my Mega Drive and Mega CD, Master System and Game Gear. Unfortunately the Dreamcast and Saturn aren't set up, so I don't play them!

[Source: Kotaku]

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