Sunday, 8 March 2009

My work-in-progress Sonic game

The mysterious "Welcome" sign is present in my game.

As I said over a month ago, I am currently working on my own Sonic game. This is not the first - I have been making games since 2002 and started a Tails-only game. This was deleted when the computer had to be wiped, as were most of my other projects.

I have also helped make Knuckles fangames, which are now practically unplayable by today's fangame standards! My programming and graphics skills have vastly improved since then, although I rarely release games. Most don't get beyond the prototype stage.

Spike pits are one of the many hazards you must avoid.

Anyway, back to my current game. It is based on the 8-bit versions of Sonic, mixed with the alpha and beta stages of the 16-bit version. This means levels will include the infamous Green Hill ball, Marble Zone UFOs and other deleted oddities.

As for the gameplay, you are (somewhat ironically) always moving right, with jump and roll your only moves. You must jump over obstacles such as spikes and rocks, and roll through tunnels and enemies. Not very original, but the Sonic theme adds extra depth.

Green Hill includes bridges, something which the 8-bit versions lacked.

So far I have completed most of the engine and Green Hill Act 1. The game is currently on hold until summer, as I have too much work to do at the moment. By July I will have total free time, which is when I hope to finish other projects as well (which includes an Out Run game).

That means these screenshots are all you're going to see for a while!

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