Saturday, 3 January 2009

2000 DC: Your Dreamcast Future Starts Here

Sega Nerds has uploaded an interesting article taken from the March 2000 issue of the Official Dreamcast Magazine (US). It is about what the Year 2000 holds for the Dreamcast, as well as plans for the future.

Apparently, 2000 was going to be a good year for the Dreamcast (according to the people being interviewed), but unfortunately it was the year that Sony's PS2 destroyed it. Oh well.

I just love past graphic design, and this article impresses me greatly. Looking back at my old games magazines, such as the Official PlayStation Magazine, graphic design was much better. The current PlayStation Magazine has such boring design, which puts me off reading it.

Most of the questions in the interviews show just how obsessed we were with "Y2K". They go along the lines of:
  • "What does the Year 2000 hold for the Dreamcast?"
  • "What does the Year 2000 mean to you?"
  • "What will be different about games in the Year 2000?"
  • "Will the Year 2000 be a good year for Sega?"

Here is one interesting quote from Yuji Naka:
DM: Do you believe in extra-terrestrials?
Naka: Aliens? Yes, I want to see them. I want to do something together with them.
You can decide what that "something" is.

Oh, how I miss those years. If only things had been different, then maybe the games industry would be completely different (for the better, of course).

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