Friday, 2 January 2009

Giant Sonic appears on Sega Europe building

Over on Sega Europe's Flickr page, a photo of their building has been posted. Anyone who is familiar with the building will know that the front has an enormous Sega logo on the front - however on the back a giant Sonic is now present.

Sonic doesn't normally adorn the back of the Sega Europe headquarters, but according to the Flickr page he just "appeared" sometime in late December!

How I would love to prise that logo off their building and attach it to my house. Actually, when Ocean Software in Manchester was taken over by Infogrames, I wanted to go and nick the logo from the front. The same can be said for when B&Q closed in our area, although I have never gone through with any of my plans. Maybe one day.


ArchangelUK said...

You'd have to go some to get that particular item, believe me!

dan said...

hows work in the sega building there