Wednesday, 24 December 2008

OutRun Online Arcade may be released in January

This poster is presented to you in Blur-O-Vision.

That "early 2009" release date for OutRun Online Arcade could be as early as January, according to a poster found at last week's Asia Game Show. That means that within five weeks we could be playing it!

The photograph of the poster is quite blurry, but Siliconera are insisting that it says January. This is entirely possible, and upon closer inspection we can see that it says "2009/01".

With such a close release I'm sure many OutRun fans have done a Magical Sound Shower in their pants, and will be Splash Wave-ing goodbye to their free time! Or maybe this news could just be a Passing Breeze, and turn out to be an error. I'll shut up now.

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