Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Sonic Unleashed demo released in Europe

Today's early Euro PlayStation Store update saw the release of the Sonic Unleashed demo. This has all ready been released in other areas, with Europe getting it last (as always).

The demo sees Sonic on the first level of Apotos, or the Windmill Isle. I have downloaded the demo and I must say, it doesn't show off the game very well. There are extreme framerate issues, peaking at 60 fps but then dropping to about 10 fps, and minimal amounts of the "classic" side-scrolling. The level required little skill, with enemies exploding with just a touch and generally automatic movement.

Not having the complete game, the demo probably isn't fully representative of it. I don't know if the framerate issues have been fixed, or if this one level is the only very easy one. One thing is for sure though - I still can't tell whether the game is good or not!

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