Saturday, 1 November 2008

Sega Upcoming Releases: November 2008

This month sees the release of the eagerly anticipated Sonic Unleashed. Recent screenshots and videos have actually changed my opinion of the game. It may actually be good! Anyway, here are Sega's software releases for November 2008:
  • Valkyria Chronicles (PS3) - November 4th
  • Fushigi no Dungeon DS 2 (DS) - November 13th
  • Football Manager 2009 (PC, PSP) - November 14th
  • Sonic Unleashed (PS2, Wii) - November 18th
  • Saka-Tsuku DS: Touch and Direct (DS) - November 20th
  • Sonic Unleashed (PS3, X360) - November 24th
  • Shiseido Beauty Solution (DS) - November 27th
  • Kaite Oboeru: Dora-Gana (DS) - November 27th

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