Saturday, 1 November 2008

More new Sega stuff

In the past few weeks I haven't been getting much new Sega stuff. All I have got since last time is Global Gladiators for the Master System, which was £1.95 (no instructions!); and a "Pro MegaMaster" cartridge from Datel, which allows me to play Master System game on my Mega Drive. This was only £2.00 off eBay, which is great value. It even came in its original box.

I didn't play Global Gladiators for very long before turning it off. This is because it has a horrendous framerate, much like an EA game! This is unfortunate because the graphics are excellent, and I'm sure it is a good game. When I got NBA '96 for the Mega Drive, I turned it off as soon as I saw the bad framerate. It just ruins games!

More reports on new Sega stuff as and when I get it.

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