Tuesday, 21 October 2008

UK Charts: Week Ending 18/10/08

Sorry about not posting last week's charts. No game site really did due to all the fun of TGS, but now that's over, we can all report on the charts. Yay.

The highest position Sega game this week is Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games at #12, climbing three places from last week. It seems that it doesn't have to be the Olympics for people to buy these games, as Beijing 2008 reënters the charts at #40.

Samba de Amigo has slipped ten places and now sits at #31. Maybe there aren't enough variations of stick-waggling in this game to remain popular, unlike in Mario and Sonic.

By the way, I use Chart Track's all format chart, so that there aren't hundreds of multi-format releases dominating the chart. It seems silly including the five (!) versions of FIFA 09 in one chart, when all the versions can just count as one. In the music charts, are the CD and download sales separate in the same chart? No, as that would be stupid. Otherwise Pink would be #1 and #2 with the same song!

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