Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Play reviewer speaks out against bad Golden Axe reviews

The latest Golden Axe game has been receiving quite negative reviews, getting an average score of around 44%. The editor-in-chief of Play Magazine, Dave Halverson, says that anyone who gave the game lower than 70% "either didn’t complete a fraction of the game, don’t understand game design, or just plain suck at games".

Play gave the game 9/10, saying that these other "sad reviews" are an "ever pervasive sign of the times" and that they "for the most part echo the opposite opinions of real gamers".

I am glad to see someone defending a game that inevitably was going to get bad reviews. New spins on old games generally get bad reviews, as do ones that don't feature gangstaz, guns, drugs and fast cars. At least this one features brown.

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