Friday, 12 June 2009

Sonic joke book is Green Hill-arious

There is an interesting discussion over on Sonic Retro about Sonic books from back in the day. The UK got its fair share of weird titles, including a Sonic-themed joke book (which is available to download in the thread).

Here is a selection of some of the jokes, for your delight and delectation:
"Why doesn't Tails wear a watch? Because time flies on its own!"

"Can Robotnik eat soup with a big moustache? Yes, but it's easier with a spoon!"

"When my Mobian Measles get better? I don't know - I don't make rash promises!"
Each joke is accompanied by a humorous (and highly exploitable) image, some more questionable than others:

Remember kids: just say no!

I'll let you decide what the horse is trying to do here.

Unfortunately books with this high calibre are not produced anymore. You'll have to settle with these Archie compilations instead, the newest of which is released on August 5th.

[Source: Sonic Retro]

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